Craft Breweries and Distilleries

Fulshear Insurance Group offers property and liability insurance solutions for Craft Breweries and Distilleries. We have options for operations that are just beginning as well as those that are well established. 

We offer flexible and comprehensive programs for the following:

Regional Craft Breweries
Craft Distilleries
Craft Hard Cideries
And many more eligible operations...

At Fulshear Insurance Group, we understand the specific needs of the operations from processing water, contamination & adulteration, to product withdrawal expense, along with the flexibility to tailor specific coverage enhancements for unique situations. We partner with A rated carriers to bring you the best options for this type of coverage.

Here are a few more reasons to consider calling Fulshear Insurance Group for your craft brewery insurance today:

  • Coverage available for tasting rooms, restaurants, and lounges.
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage.
  • Special Events Liability available for off-premises events.
  • Excess Limits available.
  • Risk Management Services available to assist with minimizing loss potential.


Even though Equipment Breakdown coverage is one of the best coverage, service and price value in the industry, some business owners and operators continue to skimp on or do without this vital protection.  Here are a few case studies, which were faced by one of our insurance carriers:

  • An employee at a local craft brewery accidentally over-pressurized a 2,000 gallon steel vat
    causing the tank to rupture. The brewer typically adds carbon dioxide to pressurize the stainless
    steel vats to approximately 5 psi. The tank experienced a breakdown after being pressurized
    to nearly 35 psi. Beyond the parts and labor expenses to repair the tank, claim payment also
    included the travel expenses of the manufacturer performing the repairs. Loss: $13,870
  • A spent barley storage tank experienced a breakdown due to pressure buildup from overfilling.
    When the storage tank was emptied each week, employees did not confirm the tank was
    completely empty upon completion. Eventually, the tank level increased and overfilled to the
    point the atmospheric vent became clogged. Pressure then built up and the top head of the tank
    ruptured in several places. Loss: $7,870
  • A power surge at a microbrewery caused an electrical breakdown of their custom-made glycol
    chiller system. Because the compressor needed replacement, and not the entire system, the brewer
    avoided a business income loss. However, the policyholder experienced resulting spoilage
    damage (foam loss) to their stored beer product due to the loss of cooling service.
    Loss: Property Damage - $9,365 and Spoilage Damage - $7,200

If these circumstances sound familiar, or you have a concern of this happening to you, give the professionals at Fulshear Insurance Group a call. We are happy to discuss the options available with you. 281.533.9067.