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At Fulshear Insurance Group, we understand thousands of Texans enjoy hunting every year.  We weigh the cost of policies against the level of coverage they provide.  Finding the right hunting insurance for you is our goal!  We work with a pool of highly-regarded insurance companies that offer competitive prices.  We appreciate the opportunity to connect hunters and landowners in Texas with solid, affordable insurance policies that match their specific coverage needs...needs that we understand first hand.

When you call Fulshear Insurance Group, ask to speak with Randy Stacy.  Randy grew up hunting & fishing and over the years and has spent countless hours in Trinity & Galveston Bays as well as the south Texas brush country.  He owned and managed a first class hunting facility responsible for entertaining corporate groups and parties from all over the world.  Clients were treated to the finest hunting and dining as well as the best hospitality Texas has to offer.  He has enjoyed hunting on many exclusive properties and has appreciated the opportunities to serve as a ranch manager and consultant.  Randy has supervised many capital improvement projects including lodges, barns, fencing, wells, Ducks Unlimited Wetlands projects and other structures.  He has worked closely with Texas Parks & Wildlife to manage native wildlife and habitat on several properties encompassing many thousands of acres. This vast background in the outdoors and hunting environment allows Randy to give the best professional counsel to clients about their insurance needs.

Whether you are a hunting guide or a hunting product manufacturer, be sure to give us a call at 1-855-533-9067.

Let's make sure you have the right coverage!

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Understanding the Importance of Hunting Insurance

Whether you are a hunter, part of a hunting lease or a landowner, it is important for you to take advantage of the security hunting insurance provides by protecting you from any legal issues should you be involved in a hunting accident.

Our insurance programs can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Liability coverage can include employees, club members, and guests participating in hunting activities.

Types of Policies Available

General Liability Coverage

When a landowner offers a guest on their property a hunting lease, they take on legal responsibility for the safety of the guest. If a landowner starts a hunting club or allows people to hunt on their property, they can be held legally responsible if someone gets hurt on their property. Hunting lease liability insurance protects landowners against certain amounts of liability should a hunting accident occur.

Protection for your Facilities

Policies can include coverage for damage to houses, cabins, lodges, barns and other structures.

Vehicle Use and Activities

Policies can include liability protection for high-risk activities such as ATV and tree stand use.

Protection for the Unexpected

An accident on your property can have many consequences. It is not worth risking the financial security of your business or the well-being of your guests by remaining uninsured or inadequately covered. The appropriate  insurance coverage can help you have a more enjoyable experience because it eases anxiety over potential claims or lawsuits.

If you are interested in obtaining hunting insurance or have any policy questions, get in touch with Randy Stacy today, toll-free at (855)533-9067.

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