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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that handles the employer’s obligation to workers who are injured or made ill due to a workplace exposure. Workers Compensation is not required by statute in Texas (in most cases), but employers who choose not to provide Workers Compensation to their employees still have obligations.

The employer must post notices at their work site notifying employees that they are not providing Workers Compensation and tell each new employee, in writing, that they are not being provided with Workers Compensation coverage. The employer must also file an annual notice with TDI DWC - Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation.

If an employee sues an employer that is not providing Workers Compensation coverage, the employer has restrictions on what defense can be argued in court. The employer cannot argue that the injured employee’s negligence caused the injury, that another employee’s negligence caused the injury or that the injured employee knew about the danger and voluntarily accepted it. This is a very important, but very misunderstood, coverage that every business owner should carefully consider. Because this is an often times difficult to understand coverage, it's very important to choose the right insurance professional to assist you with the process. Let Fulshear Insurance® be your trusted resource for your Texas Workers Compensation coverage.

There are three main types of benefits: medical benefits, indemnity benefits, and death benefits - each type is statutorily defined and limited.

1. Medical benefits - pay for reasonably required medical treatment of the injury or occupational disease.

2. Indemnity benefits - may repay the worker for a portion of the lost wages if they are off of work because of the injury.

3. Death benefits - replace a portion of lost family income for eligible beneficiaries of a worker who dies as a result of a compensable injury or illness.


Should you have any questions about Workers Compensation coverage or would like to put a policy in place, please give our trusted Texas insurance agents a call at our toll free number: 1.855.533.9067 or request your quote online. Fulshear Insurance® works to exceed your expectations. Have the right coverage at the right price!


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